Jochen Wirtz

Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions Award

What an absolute honor – I am so thrilled to have been awarded the Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award. This award is so precious to me also because it is named after my mentor and friend, the late Professor Christopher Lovelock. To me it feels as if I just received my own Nobel Prize-equivalent. It is the highest honor I can imagine and will give me happy thoughts for the rest of my life.

An award like this is the outcome of so many people mentoring, helping, encouraging and working together. This awards is not the outcome of the effort of one person but of the many who helped along the way. Let me highlight a few who have become close friends or had an important impact on my research; in no particular order: John Bateson, Bob Johnston, Christopher Tang, Jeongwen Chiang, Jay Kandampully, Roland Rust, Len Berry, Dave Bowen, Bo Edvardsson, Raymond Fisk, Tim Keiningham, Jim Spohrer, Werner Kunz, Valarie Zeithaml, Paul Patterson, Bart Larivière, Sabine Benoit, Anna Mattila, Sherry Kimes, Michael Ehret, Loizos Heracleous, Ron Kaufman, Stefanie Paluch, and Jonas Holmqvist. Thank you for having been on this journey with me, for all your support and your friendship over the years.

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