Master Class: How to Improve a Service Culture Fast.

Master Class: How to Improve a Service Culture Fast. This 30 min video discusses 4 learnings many firms get wrong when they want to improve their service culture, and it describes the 4 thrusts of a “service revolution” to rapidly improve a service culture, including (1) Service Leadership, and Vision, Purpose & Values, (2) Service Culture & Training, (3) Innovation & Differentiation, and (4) Measurement, Incentives & Feedback.
The video also discusses the power of productizing specific services and transforming them into branded service experiences.  It uses the LUX* Resorts & Hotels of The Lux Collective as a case study.
Thank you, Paul JonesJulian Ethan HaggerNitesh PandeyMarie-Laure, L Ah-YouNicolas AutreyAshish Modak and Smita Modak for all your support of our research. And of course, a big thank you and hug to my coauthor Ron Kaufman.

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